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PA Recruiting Firm Helps Joint Group Achieve Practice-Changing Results

The Practice Doubled Surgical Patient Volume over Seven Years

Executive Summary

An orthopedic joint surgery practice more than doubled its yearly patient volume by partnering with a recruiting firm to hire two physician assistants over seven years. During that time, the practice saw impressive results, including:

  • Increased PA presence in the clinic from two-and-a-half days per week to five days per week.
  • Patient wait times and time to be seen decreased to within a week.
  • Surgical volume increased from 600 patients per year to 1,400 patients per year over seven years.
  • Growth Comes with Challenges
  • A successful orthopedic joint surgery practice was busy caring for post-operative and established patients. However, they struggled to see enough new patients on days the orthopedic surgeon was in the office. They needed a solution that would increase their number of new patients at an affordable cost.

The practice had two possible options for accomplishing this goal. One would be for the existing provider to work longer office hours. The second would be for the clinic to hire another provider. Ultimately, the practice decided to hire a PA, which could provide a wide range of patient care for less than it would cost to hire another physician. To accomplish this, they partnered with Physician Assistant Solutions, which is a leading recruiter for both PAs and nurse practitioners (NP).

Why They Chose Physician Assistant Solutions

The practice selected Physician Assistant Solutions because the organization has deep experience in the recruiting field. Also, the founder of Physician Assistant Solutions has worked as an orthopedic surgery provider for 15 years. These two factors gave Physician Assistant Solutions the ability to find the right candidate efficiently.

How Physician Assistant Solutions Helped

Physician Assistant Solutions used its sizable hiring network, PA expertise, and knowledge of the orthopedic space to recruit and screen several qualified candidates. Ultimately, the practice hired a PA within two months of engaging Physician Assistant Solutions.

Practice-Changing Results

By hiring a PA, the joint group increased the number of new patients seen on days when the surgeon was in the clinic and could still see all post-operative and established patients for daily care. The growth was so strong, the clinic engaged PA Solutions again, seven years later, to hire a second PA to meet the added patient volume.

Over seven years, PA presence in the clinic went from two-and-a-half days a week to five days a week. During the same period, surgical volume increased from 600 cases per year to 1,400 per year. Despite more than doubling patient volume, patient wait times decreased to within a week.

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