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We work with each and every advanced practice provider to find the perfect practice for your career goals, medical interests, and personal needs. This personalized approach—along with the fact we’re PA owned and operated—holds your hand throughout the process while we work to match you with the ideal, long-term employer. Even if a specific opportunity isn’t available right away, create an account today and we’ll begin gathering information so that when that perfect position is available, you’ll be the first to know.

Featured FAQs

Featured FAQs

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Zero cost
Contract negotiations
Detailed resumé advice
Interview tips
Refine talking points for specific employers
Ongoing placement (if not immediately placed)


  • “Working with PA Solutions is always easy and hassle-free. I know that the candidates they send me are high quality because PAS has already done all the homework for me.”

    Glen Frick Physician Network Services, CEO
  • “Physician Assistant Solutions helped me find the NP job of my dreams. The process was quick and I knew what the practice needed to know from me before starting the interview process. I could not be more happy with my current position or the help I received from Physician Assistant Solutions to set me up for success.”

    Lia Stratton Nurse Practitioner
  • “PA Solutions is great to work with. They understand our market and our culture and always present candidates that fit both. They have been able to tap into a different network of candidates that have turned out to be excellent hires for our organization.”

    Chris Lancaster White Health Systems, VP Clinical Operations
  • “[PA Solutions] took the time to carefully screen applicants, and we now have some of the best PAs that we could not do without. The team is honest, very easy to work with, and the pricing is a flat rate that most competitors have a hard time matching. I will use PA Solutions in the future when the need arises in our Oncology Clinic.”

    Kim Rowell S.R. Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D., Human Resources
  • “PA Solutions has been instrumental in growing our healthcare system. [They] have done an excellent job finding us the right candidate to support our physician providers. Their candidates are well-vetted and meet the specifications of the position, which saves us time and money.”

    Joell C. Engelke CMPE Vice President of Business Development

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