Employer FAQs

Do I need a PA?

Hiring a new provider requires careful consideration. If you need to reduce physicians’ workload, increase your patients’ access to care, or if you are looking for strategies to reduce overhead, a PA can help. In fact, a PA may be able to efficiently treat 80{9981e14ce943923de3bdc7a53c73b24cc6a35d6b10a5feb630438bc0e5fd7698} or more of your patients, at a fraction of a physician’s salary. After all, your less complicated patients need to be treated by someone. If the right PA can do the job for less money, your practice generates more profit.

In addition to the financial benefits of integrating PAs into your practice, PAs can free up your physicians’ time. With a PA managing less complicated patients, your physicians will have more time to devote to more complex cases and to the many non-clinical aspects of running a successful practice. In short, PAs can be a time-saving, cost-effective way to grow your practice.

What is your fee?

We are the only recruiter who advertises our placement fees. We charge a flat-fee of $9500 for our permanent placements. Because we work on a contingency basis and invoice after the start date, there is no risk to you. By contrast, many recruiters charge 20{9981e14ce943923de3bdc7a53c73b24cc6a35d6b10a5feb630438bc0e5fd7698} or more of their annual projected salary. Recruiters who charge this much typically do so out of necessity because their placement rates are low.

Our staffing service invoices on a monthly basis. The hourly rate of the PA will vary based on specialty, provider experience and location. We encourage you to compare rates and terms.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. We invest considerable time and resources to assess your needs and the qualifications of the candidates we refer in order to identify the right PA for your practice. In the unlikely event that a PA we recommended leaves or is terminated for cause within 180 days, we will conduct another search at no additional cost to you.

How long will it take to find a PA?

This depends on five factors:

  • Practice location
  • Practice specialty
  • Experience requirements
  • Compensation
  • Your response time once a candidates are identified

Although the first two are out of your control, the last three, with our guidance, are very much up to you. We can provide you with up to date salary and benefit information so you can gauge the competitiveness of your offer. In addition, we can advise you on the quality and quantity of experience your candidates should possess. The last factor, however, is the most important one. In our experience, employers who do not respond to candidates right away are the ones who have the most difficulty hiring. This is why we strongly encourage all of our clients to respond directly to candidates within 24 hours and to set-up interviews shortly thereafter.

What is your company privacy policy?

We take your privacy seriously. Beware though, many do not. Most other recruiters frequently outsource their work to third parties without a client’s knowledge. We do not engage in this practice because we have the knowledge and nationwide infrastructure to quickly fill any position. We keep your information strictly confidential and never share it with third parties. During our consultation, we will establish what specific information will be shared with PA candidates including compensation and employment terms.

How do I get started in finding a PA?

Please take some time to request and review our contract. After you enter your contact information, a contract will immediately be emailed to you. If you would like to proceed, please sign the contract and fax it back to us. Once you return the contract we will contact you to discuss the details of your position in order to start your search. Please contact us at any time to discuss our services in greater detail.

What if we find a PA through our own search?

This is no problem. Our contract is contingency based meaning you only pay us for candidates you find through our company. If you are conducting your own search, we will simply clear names with you before we send the CV.

Can we use multiple search firms?

Yes, we have no exclusivity requirements in our contract. We would clear names with you before we send the CV.

Do you provide discounts on multiple hires?

We understand that cash flow can be an issue when hiring. Fortunately, our flat rate of $9,500 is below market average. We can not provide a discount, but we can spread out the payment of the placement fee on subsequent hires.

Is the placement fee based on a percentage of the PA’s first year salary?

No! This would be unfair to you. Our flat rate fee guarantees that you will pay the same regardless of the negotiated salary of PA.

Other Questions?

Other Questions?