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If you want to expand your practice while offering a high level of care to patients and saving money, a physician assistant could be your best option.

Physician assistants, or PAs, complete 26 months of education, and clinical rotations,  and are able to provide up to 95 percent of the services that physicians can, making them a cost-effective and available solution for practices looking at a possible physician shortage.  Physician assistant training mimics the training of a physician, and are taught under a “team approach”.

To find a perfect PA for your medical practice, it’s a great idea to hire a recruiter. A recruiter can guide you through the hiring process and match you up with your ideal candidate. Here are five reasons an employer who wants to hire a physician assistant should consider working with a recruiter.

1. Simplify your focus

Administrators are busy running a practice! The search for a new practitioner should not get in the way with that, your most important job. 

Hiring a recruiter will allow you to delegate the many tasks associated with finding a new employee to a trained professional with expertise in the field. Look for a recruiter who specializes in the field.

Working with a medical recruiter like Physician Assistant Solutions will improve the efficiency of your hiring and allow you to maintain your focus on what matters most — your patients.  At Physician Assistant Solutions, we are clinical providers that understand practices expectations and the needs of providers.

2. Reach the right candidates

How can you make sure you are reaching the best candidates for your opening? There are a huge number of digital job boards and channels and it can be almost impossible to know which is the best or where the people you are looking for are looking.

A good recruiter knows where to look — at Physician Assistant Solutions, we start with places like LinkedIn and Glassdoor but move beyond that. We utilized both local and national resources for a provider search. Physician Assistant Solutions works to match physician assistants to practices that perfectly suit their needs and expertise. 

Recruiters can take the time to search extensively to find the candidates that fit you, instead of hoping they find you.

3. Speed up the hiring process

It’s always faster to hire a professional — remember the last time you tried to do your own plumbing?

Recruiters have already created efficient processes for filtering candidates. They know how to find the ideal people and follow-up in a quick and organized manner, giving possible future employees a great first impression of your business.

4. Shop the competition

Recruiters have the time and knowledge to “headhunt” from anywhere, including your competition. Companies themselves can’t directly do this work, for legal and best business practices reasons. But a third party recruiter can.

This means a recruiter can help you get the best candidates interested in your job, even when candidates are scarce.

5. Industry best practices

A recruiter that is specific to your industry knows exactly what requirements are needed for the job. That means recruiters familiar with hiring physicians assistants will tailor their outreach to their audience — physician assistants.

PA-specific recruiters will also understand the medical field and the unique role a physician assistant plays in a practice. They will use this knowledge to make sure employers hire a candidate who is well-qualified and fits in well with the existing practice.

Are you ready to hire a PA? Let Physician Assistant Solutions guide the way. Contact us now.


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